Non-Rocket Spacelaunch – Tether Propulsion Safety Issues 

Tether Length Comparison

The use of tethers in space poses many challenges and safety issues. This third part to the tether propulsion article will focus on those issues. A lot of the challenges and safety issues of a space tether system are similar to those of a space elevator described in a previous article, but some are unique to the space tether concept. Continue reading

Non-Rocket Spacelaunch – Space Elevators in Fiction 

This is the fourth and final part of the space elevator article of the non-rocket spacelaunch methods article series. This post will focus on references to the space elevator concept in fiction. The first mention of anything remotely similar to a space elevator was the beanstalk in the children’s fairy tale called Jack and the Beanstalk, published in 1807. Continue reading

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