Max Polyakov’s Best Recommendations for Dog Lovers Based on Huge Experience

Max Polyakov's Firefly

Max Polyakov’s Recommendations on Dog Training

All dog lovers want their pets to have cloudless happy lives. They feed them well, play and walk with them, take those sweeties on weekends, but masters rarely take care of their animals’ manners. And these people get confused why their pets start barking in a street. But a worse situation is when your dog bites somebody. Max Polyakov definitely knows how important a good training is. A controllable dog is not only a great friend but also an excellent contest participant. Max Polyakov’s Firefly always shows the best results and impresses everybody with its flawless manners. This happy dog owner is ready to share his experience with others.

How to Train Your Dog Effectively

Max Polyakov says that there are a few main rules each dog owner has to follow:

  • Prepare a schedule of training;
  • Choose an appropriate place for teaching. It should be a calm place without irritators;
  • Don’t scare your dog with the needless yelling. Just keep repeating a command after unfortunate tries. But don’t mix different exercises because a dog won’t be able to understand what you want from it;
  • Notice the behavior of a pet and correct its actions;
  • Reward your dog with tasty food and pleasant phrases for successfully fulfilled commands;
  • Never hit your dog. It will just be scared of your reaction and afraid to do anything;
  • Make breaks during training.

Don’t forget to repeat those commands, if you want your dog to remember everything. Otherwise, it just won’t have enough practice. Max Polyakov’s Firefly used to each day and now it perfectly educated pet.

Add some activities to your teaching process. Help your dog to run through a tunnel or show how to cope with different trials. If your pet adores playing a ball, just help it to have more fun! Find different barriers, throw a toy and make your dog think how to get it. Besides, if you want to participate in some contests, this type of a competition is added too. But there are a few conquering dogs who have to fight for a chance to bring a ball first.

Notice the Behavior of Your Dog

Be extremely careful while training your dog. Notice its behavior and try to understand its character better. Correct it and show a proper way out of a hard situation. This training process will help you to create the same ideal relationship with your dog as Max Polyakov has with Firefly.

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