Underwater Dwellings: H2Ome and The Poseidon Resort

U.S. Submarine Structures LLC is the company that designed both H2Ome and the Poseidon Resort. H2Ome is the world’s first sea-floor private residence while the Poseidon Resort is the first sea-floor hotel.

The Poseidon Resort is located underwater on the sea-floor inside a Fijian lagoon. The pressure at the sea-floor is equivalent to one atmosphere, so the structures are strong enough, yet not really massive. Also this depth enables sunlight to reach the resort’s huge windows, giving a magnificent view on the sea and it’s life-forms. This would be the dream hotel!

As for H2Ome, it is very similar to the Poseidon Resort (also under a one atmosphere pressure) but it is meant to be a series of private luxury residences.

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